Lost Malaysian plane: There is a reason


Jumping in the bandwagon of the lost Malaysian airplane.

I have two hypotheses:

(1) Alien Invasion. This is a wide-open possibility. Two stolen passports could attest to the probable existence of a shapeshifter. Some of the passengers could be aliens who are involved in the perpetration of this whole hullabaloo. But aliens are our friends. They mean to hurt no one.

It could be true that two of the ten people that revolve around our circle are aliens. They could have taken our old friends, copied their identities and endured the hardship of human existence over time.

Through this hypothesis, there is a chance that our lost fellowmen are still alive. Those aliens who abducted them might just want to study them and the varied cultures that exist in our terra firma. So the possibility of them reappearing in the surface of the Earth remains true, maybe 5 to 10 years from now.

(2) Parallel Universe. In fringe science, there is a possibility of having a parallel universe where we have a complete replica of ourselves who have the same height, nationality, color and almost the same values and wisdom. Only, since both universes have different ways of living and cultural dynamics, it is not a guaranty of both having the same exact life. Say, I work for a corporate office here, the “me” in the alternate universe could be a pastor, doctor or even a scientist.

The existence of the parallel universe could be the reason why the plane remains down the drain. It could likewise explain its sudden disappearance off the radar. There could have been an anomaly in the electro magnetic waves exactly where the plane was headed. This could be the reason why they seem lost in oblivion. The plane could have transported itself in the parallel universe.

The question is, can they come back to our own universe? That’s yet to be known. Because such an occurrence is a natural phenomenon. And science has no definite answer yet.

Well, apart from this incident, the existence of the parallel universe could place a scientific reason on why some see ghosts and even doppelgängers. These sightings could be an effect of the overlapping universes.

Apart from these two hypotheses, we could not discount the possibility of terrorism.

Our prayers should recline into an unrelenting hope that these people are still alive and just wandering somewhere in the back of beyond.

They will soon be found.

(The photo attached was taken from Rappler, an online news bureau in the Philippines. Accessed on 11 March 2014.)


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